What is your BIG fat DESIRE?

Happy Happy New Year, all wonderful followers. How has it been so far?

For the year 2021, I want to wish you the courage to dream and find the dream that is greater than you! It means to find out what do you really, really desire, connect with it, and start creating your life through this desire :)

What does it mean? Well, I couldn't tell it better than Regena Thomashauer and Marie Forleo. So, I invite you to listen to Marie's podcast episode with Regena. I listened to it almost a year ago and did it again today. It is so so good. Really!!!

I share my notes, which hopefully makes you hungry for these 2 ladies' talk. Or, if you don't like listening to podcasts you can just follow my notes and get some tips about dreaming and desire. If you decide to listen to the episode then feel free to leave me a comment, how my notes helped, or share your notes with me :)

I am especially proud that these notes appeared in real-time listening (at the first time), and later I just added a bit of color and made some small cosmetic corrections :) Even if I no longer offer direct visualization or graphic recording as a service, it is nice to know that my skills have not rusted.

I help people to be masters in thinking and cooperation with a mission to help people rediscover two innate abilities — scribbling and imagination.

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