Scribbling as a learning strategy

  1. In the first experiment, the words were simply listed.
    The drawers got the best results. The scribblers did the worst.
  2. In the second experiment, the words were put into a story to create a real-life situation.
    The drawers and writers got the best results. The scribblers did the worst again.
  3. In the third experiment, it was again about telling a story, but here the scribbling was replaced by conscious doodling which meant here a shading of given figures.
    The drawers got the best results again. Doodlers got the same results as the writers.

    So, the experiments show us that scribbling is not a good tool for memorizing information. It can be a good tool for meetings where you have to stay focused ( or do not want to be bored… :)) and don't need to remember things later. But in school, teachers have every right to ask students not to scribble. Actually, teachers should guide students to use conscious doodling or even more- to use drawing and note-taking as a tool for learning.



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Kati Orav

Kati Orav


I encourage people to dream bigger and be more creative and entrepreneurial. For that, I teach them how to use the Magic of an Imperfect Line.