• Learning is not a passive process — so be active during learning;
  • Know why you are studying and taking notes —know your purpose!
  • Be organized and prioritize things;
  • Create a system for taking notes;
  • Use your own words, use symbols and shapes;
  • By the way — the worst way to take notes is not to take them at all. And another bad way to take notes is purely verbal and linear notes.
  • FILTER. I think that this is is the most important point, and all the other steps are built around it;
  • Take notes manually. Manual notes can also be made digitally, using a digital pen. What is important here is this act of drawing and writing with your own hand. I will focus on this in a little more detail because it is very important to me.



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Kati Orav

Kati Orav


I encourage people to dream bigger and be more creative and entrepreneurial. For that, I teach them how to use the Magic of an Imperfect Line.