My research about Visual facilitation in Education

Research shows that support is needed in developing students’ learning, self-management, and collaboration skills. Visual facilitation (VF) is a growing method that can be implemented in education. However, no studies have been found to show how VF could help deal with the aforementioned challenges, and how teachers use visual methods. The aim of this thesis was to find out about the current situation of applying visual methods and the potential of using VF in general education in Estonia. To achieve this aim a questionnaire was carried out among teachers and interviews were made with the headmasters. The results show that VF has a great potential in education but it hasn’t been fully acknowledged. Therefore introducing VF needs to be approached methodically.

Therefore, the aim of the master’s thesis is to find out the current situation of the use of visual methods and their potential and potential of visual facilitation in the context of the bottlenecks of modern learning approach in the Estonian general education.

In conclusion, teachers see the potential of visual methods in all important factors of the learning process.

In the light of the bottlenecks of the modern approach to learning, the potential for visual facilitation is seen most in the possibility of creating roadmaps for setting goals. At the same time, the possibility of this method in developing learning skills and as a tool supporting cooperation was also considered important.



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Kati Orav

Kati Orav

I encourage people to dream bigger and be more creative and entrepreneurial. For that, I teach them how to use the Magic of an Imperfect Line.