Hello, all beautiful people out there :) I am Kati, a visual facilitator, trainer, researcher, and educational innovator from Estonia. This is my very first post here in Medium. And- a blog post in English after a long time. So- where to begin to tell it all but still keep it short? Doing regular blog posts was one of my this year goal. As an Estonian, I started blogging in my own language of course. And the main idea was to have a professional blog about my passion- visual thinking, sketchnoting, meaningful learning, and everything around it. As an Educational Innovation postgraduate student at the University of Tartu, I research visual thinking and simplification in the context of education and share my thoughts and findings in a blog. And I have been very consistent with it- I started with 2 posts per week, then had a little summer break and since autumn I am doing one post a week. I am so proud of myself for creating a routine that is useful for everyone interested in the topic and sharing my passion. And- it helps me to write my Master's thesis and a book (one of my big dreams…), of course :) You can read more about me from my English webpage and you can visit my blog, written in Estonian.

And now I have decided to start blogging in English as well :) Isn't that great news? I know that my English is far from perfect but I am not gonna apologize for it or let it stop me. Practice makes perfect, right?! I have a very clear vision about my international work, so I have to start practicing more this international language and step out to show out all my gifts for this world. So- you are witnessing my first step towards international work to become … well… this will stay a secret for some time but if you follow my blog then you will find it out sooner or later :) Or- do not just follow my blog, start being part of it by commenting, sharing your thoughts, and findings. Maybe we end up doing something very big and great together for this world. Visual facilitation and our education need and deserve it.

So, the start is given and an exciting journey awaits us. I am planning to do at least one post per week. First I start sharing a little bit about myself, what I am up to, and how was my year. For example- I am blessed with the most satisfying and advancing marriage, I am a mother of 2 boys, in 2020 we were all 5 months in Spain where I was doing the Erasmus exchange student program, being lockdown 42 days… etc. And after a short introduction, I share translated posts from my Estonian blog as there is so much great content to read for all who can not understand this secret language that only 1,2 million people speak.

I decided to choose Medium as a platform for my blog in English as it seems to be a great door to the wider world. If you start following my posts, you will soon understand that I love giving gifts to my readers. My gifts are usually the visuals that can help you to understand some models, theories, or your own thoughts and plans. Today, I give you a template to summarize the year in a slightly different and visual way. Please click here to download the templates to fill in manually or directly on the computer!

Horizontal and slightly more creative visual.
Vertical, more worksheet-like visual.

I help people to be masters in thinking and cooperation with a mission to help people rediscover two innate abilities — scribbling and imagination.

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