Gifts for the ending year

Kati Orav
2 min readDec 30, 2021

Before setting goals and expectations for the new year, people use to look back first. I have been doing this in a visual way for many years. Last year, I shared a visual on the blog to summarize my year from different and interesting angles. This visual became surprisingly popular. People shared with me pictures of how they printed out the visual and filled it out with family or friends. I share this visual again. Because there are things that get better and better over time, right;)

The horizontal visual is a bit more creative, the vertical visual is more like a worksheet. Choose the one that suits you, print it out, and fill it out. And if it looks like something is missing, let me know. I’ll be happy to refresh the page next year with some new additions :)

In addition to the visuals, I want to give you another thought for the end of the year. I got it from Gretchen Rubin, a researcher and teacher of happiness and good habits. At the beginning of last year, I came across one part of his podcast, where she shared that she sets herself a “one-word theme” every year. This can be “leisure”, “delegation”, “book”, “style”, etc. I chose the word “CONNECTION” for this year. I have to admit that 2021 brought me great positive surprises in this focus. The word attracted people to my life, situations, and opportunities that I did not even dare to dream of. And that made me believe in the “one-word theme” :)

Yesterday, I realized that my word for 2022 is “TRUST”. I have to admit that “TRUST” is a word I’m afraid of, and even writing it down makes me shiver. It is one of the greatest things I want to learn in this life — unconditional trust in myself, other people, and opportunities. So, Universe — let’s try! Because I feel like magical things can happen :)

And that’s not all :) I decided to do one more thing — set a “one-sentence intention” for my year. For 2022, it’s “NOTICE WHAT YOU NOTICE”!

Good reader. What is your “one-word theme” and/or “one-sentence intention” for next year? Say it OUT here and believe me — the year 2022 will be brighter, happier, and more developing!

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