Creative thinking

  • what things could be put together to create something new that does not yet exist?
  • how to work with your team to bring out more creativity?
  • how to teach something in a whole new way?
  • how do I want people to feel?
  • Creativity is not linear, it comes to us in very different places and moments. Creativity wants time. Take the time to let creativity develop. A walk on the beach or in the woods. Write down these random thoughts. All ideas. And then sit down and work with the ideas, start creating something from them.
  • Seek inspiration. Look at the people (look, not study) who inspire you. Who creatively inspires you. And then sit down and make your contribution.
    When you make visual notes while listening to someone else or working with your thoughts, you play with ideas from different angles and give time to create. Create random mind maps, play with ideas, connect them. And then you start to systematize them and create a concrete action plan. By doing this visually, you will see the different points that need to be connected, synthesized, thought through to reach a result.
  • Always start with the end in mind. Visualize the end result. Do it in detail — feel, see, experience. And then think about how to get results, what are those different ways.
    Creating a complete visual roadmap also helps here. When the final result is written on paper, it is much easier to map the current situation and important steps to the desired result.
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Kati Orav

Kati Orav


I encourage people to dream bigger and be more creative and entrepreneurial. For that, I teach them how to use the Magic of an Imperfect Line.