2021-make it your best year!

I won’t write a long story in the year-end post. This is usually the time when I am more away from the computer and spending time with my family. But as I took the time to create a visual for you, I want to share it now.

The template is for visual goal setting. It’s quite voluminous and looks a bit messy at first, but if you go deeper, it has its own simple logic. And thinking not only about big goals but about every area of ​​life. I did this so that it can be printed out and filled in manually or filled directly on a computer. You can use the visual as a year-form to set larger goals, or as a monthly-form to set smaller goals. For example, you have a bigger goal to invest 1200 EUR during the year, then you have a monthly goal to invest 100 EUR. Or, for example, you have a year’s goal to tidy up your garden, and every month you set smaller goals to accomplish — plant a few trees, make a new flower bed, and so on. In winter, maybe there is nothing to plan because the garden is covered in snow. And that’s ok because every month you don’t have to have new goals or a goal at all in some areas.

The main thing is to keep it simple, try to write only 1 thing to focus on each area. We have so many roles and nuances in life to pay attention to on a monthly basis, and once we have been able to set small goals, it is easier to move towards big ones. Or keep it in a satisfying position and just know that everything is fine with this area 🙂

You can download the visual from here.

I wish you a beautiful end to the year and a fun and smart goal setting! Positive attitude, sharp eyes, and a bold step into the new year!

I help people to be masters in thinking and cooperation with a mission to help people rediscover two innate abilities — scribbling and imagination.

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